Pride Flag Raising Comments (2020)

  • Monika Diamond, 34
  • Serena Ramos, 32
  • Nina Pop, 28
  • Dana Martin, 31
  • Jordan Cofer, 22
  • Sasha Wall, 29
  • Nino Forston, 36
  • Today, we raise the flag.
  • Tomorrow is our virtual Pride & Politics tri-partisan panel and voter enrollment drive.
  • Wednesday, our Common Council is going to adopt the annual pride resolution, in which they will endorse the Equality Act.
  • Lastly — Later this year (hopefully), we are going to be hosting an LGBTQ+ art gallery reception at Gallery 66, and CCSU is going to host a ribbon-cutting for the new Pride Crosswalk which is going to be installed on campus.



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John Board CT

John Board CT

An innovative, passionate, and outspoken leader who pursues change in public policy to make a difference!— Follow on twitter & facebook: @JohnBoardCT.